Transmission/Drive Train Oils

Transmission / Drive Train Oils

Transmission / Drive Train Oils

Perform over a wide temperature range

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Petro-Canada Lubricants’ line of transmission and drive train fluids delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of operating temperatures. These fluids are ideal for use in construction, mining and heavy-duty transmission, hydraulic, wet brakes and final drive applications.


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Our Transmission / Drive Train Oils


Delivers exceptional performance in a wide range of operating temperatures for construction, mining and many more applications.


PRODURO™ TO-4+ Synthetic All Season

Full synthetic formulation ensures the best year-round performance, with wider temperature range protection.

ViewPRODURO TO-4+ Synthetic All Season

PRODURO™ TO-4+ XL Synthetic Blend Lo-Temp

Effective lubrication for cold operating conditions (down to -45°C/-49°F).

ViewPRODURO TO-4+ XL Synthetic Blend Lo-Temp

PRODURO™ FD-1 Synthetic

Full synthetic formulation to improve gear and bearing life in final drives and axles, as well as allows for extended drains.

ViewPRODURO FD-1 Synthetic

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