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SENTRON natural gas engine oils are high performance, long-life oils used for Stationary Gas engines and compressors in a wide variety of applications with a key focus on gas compression and power generation.

Engine type examples include:
• Turbocharged or naturally aspirated
• Stoichiometric or lean/ultra-lean burn engines
• Older diesel converted engine design

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SENTRON Product Lines

SENTRON™ Ashless

Premium Stationary Gas Engine Oils with less than 0.1 % weight ash


Premium Stationary Gas Engine Oils with  0.6%-1.0% weight ash


Premium Stationary Gas Engine Oils with 0.1%-0.6% weight ash

Why Choose SENTRON?

Engine performance

Engine Performance

Improved engine performance with longer lasting oil and extended drain intervals.

Reliability & Savings

Outstanding anti-wear protection and reduced cylinder and piston wear provide enhanced reliability and savings.

Excellent Engine Cleanliness

Keeps engine parts clean by:

  • Minimizing ring zone and valve stem deposits
  • Improving engine lubrication by maintaining clean oil-ways
  • Meets severe operational demands

    Meets Severe Operational Demands

    Designed for the severe operating conditions common to Stationary Gas engines.

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