Delivers reliable performance for off-road equipment

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ line of transmission and drive train fluids is formulated to meet or exceed Caterpillar TO-4 requirements while delivering exceptional performance across a wide range of operating temperatures. These fluids are ideal for use in construction, mining and heavy-duty transmission, hydraulic, wet brakes and final drive applications.


360 Product Selector

This tool helps you find the best lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles and mobile equipment.


PRODURO Product Lines

PRODURO™ TO-4+ Synthetic All Season

Full synthetic formulation ensures the best year-round performance, with wider temperature range protection.

PRODURO™ FD-1 Synthetic

Full synthetic formulation to improve gear and bearing life in final drives and axles, as well as allows for extended drains.

PRODURO™ TO-4+ XL Synthetic Blend Lo-Temp

Effective lubrication for cold operating conditions (down to -45°C/-49°F).


Effective lubrication and extended oil drain intervals.


Improves gear and bearing life in final drives and axles.

Why Choose PRODURO?

Resistance to Oil Breakdown

Extends component life by minimizing deposit build-up and keeping fresh oil properties for extended periods of time.

All-weather Protection

Provides reliable performance over a wide range of temperatures.

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