DURATRAN XL Synthetic Blend

DURATRAN™ XL Synthetic Blend

Performs in more demanding hot and cold operating temperatures.

  • Extends drain intervals; reduces the need for shorter seasonal change-out
  • Performs at temperatures below -40°C/-40°F
  • Helps prevent brake noise and chatter while prolonging component life

  • Surpasses John Deere OEM viscosity specification JDM J20D
  • Suitable for use in colder applications that call for CNH MS (1207-1206), JIC (145-143), B5, B6, 185, FNHA-2-C-200A, 200, M2C86-B, M2C53-A, M2C48-B, Q1802, 1766B, Q1722, Q1705, M1141, M1135, M1129A, M1127-B, M1110, AGCO/Deutz, Gleanor Combines, Power Fluid 257541, 272843
  • API GL-4, suitable for use in Caterpillar TO-2, Clark Lift Truck TA18, HR500
  • Suitable for use where Allison C-3 Fluid and ZF Transmission TE-ML 03 3F requirements are called for
  • Recommended for John Deere, CNH Group (Ford New Holland), Case Corp (CASE IH, J.I Case), Massey-Ferguson, Kubota, White Farm (Oliver), AGCO Deutz Allis, Allis Steiger, Versatile, Landini, Hesston Fiat

DURATRAN XL Synthetic Blend

OEM Approvals

Case New Holland

  • MS-1209/MAT 3505, MS-1210/JIC-145/MAT 3506, MS-1230/CNH MAT 3509, ESN-M2C134-D/MAT 3525, MS-1207, MS-1206, MS-1205, MS-1204/JIC-185, B-6, B-5, JIC-144, JIC-143, FNHA-2-C-200.00, ESN-M2C134-A/B/C, ESN-M2C86-B/C, ESN-M2C53-A, ESN-M2C48-B – suitable for use

John Deere

  • JD J20D – Suitable for Use

White Farm (Oliver)

  • Q-1826, Hydraulic Transmission Fluid (HTF), Q-1802, Q-1766B, Q-1722, Q-1705 – Suitable for Use


  • M-1141, M-1135, M-1143, M-1129-A, M-1127-A/B, M-1110 – Suitable for Use

AgCo / Deutz-Allis / Allis

  • Power Fluid 821XL, 272843, 257541, 246634 – Suitable for Use


  • TE-ML 03E, 05F, 21F (axles) – Suitable for Use


  • UDT, UDT² - Suitable for Use


  • SEMS 17001 - Suitable for Use


  • ESN-M2C134-D - Suitable for Use


  • Tractor II Hydraulic Fluid - Suitable for Use


  • Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F - Suitable for Use


  • API GL-4 (Manual Transmissions, Spiral Bevel Axles, and Hypoid gears inmoderate service) – Suitable for Use


  • Type C-4 and C3 – Suitable for Use


  • TO-2 – Suitable for Use


  • Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid – Suitable for Use

Plessey - Sundstrand

  • Suitable for Use

Dresser Construction Equipment Division

  • Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid – Suitable for Use

Clark Lift Truck Transmission Fluid

  • TA12, TA18, HR 500 – Suitable for Use

Parker / Abex / Denison

  • HF 0/1/2 - Suitable for Use

Eaton / Vickers

  • M-2950-S, 1-286-S – Suitable for Use
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